About QuickFix

We believe in awareness and transparency around health and wellness. We are determined to educate our community about safe pain-relief alternatives.  We want to create life-changing products that can offer options never before made available to the public. We are dedicated to bringing CBD awareness the forefront of the self-care industry.

Our Story

Sugar Creek Bottling Company was established in 2012 by owners Randy Burchett and Dave Schuetter. With their combined 60+ years of experience, they started on a journey dedicated to educating the community and creating truly superior products.

Although Sugar Creek started out as just a small Midwest bottler, we began to grow exponentially when we became the first company in Indiana to be granted a license to manufacture e-liquid.  We have always firmly believed in creating products that have a positive, long-term impact on the lives of our customers and CBD is no exception.

Through continuous research and development, we began to shift our focus to the manufacturing and bottling of CBD products.  This is how Quick Fix CBD Products was born.

Our diverse and talented team is committed to providing the highest quality CBD products, exceptional customer service and fast turn-around time…they are the reason behind our success!

Our Facility

We take security and safety very seriously so you do not have to worry.

Our secure state-of-the-art facility is 18,000 square feet with two ISO-rated cleanrooms.  Every production area requires key FOB entry and the entire building is equipped with 24-hour camera monitoring to ensure quality, safety and security.  

Sugar Creek specializes in creating a guess-free, solutions-oriented co-packing experience for CBD tinctures and vape. Our proprietary high-speed filling machinery is capable of filling up to 50 bottles per minute efficiently and accurately. Flexible packaging solutions include many shapes and sizes of glass, plastic and resealable bottles.  Our Automated Bottling Process utilizes Master Batch Records (MBR’s). This process ensures that our product accountability meets or exceeds any current or future standards. 

Customer floor stock programs, computerized inventory control and delivery coordination provide a streamlined customer service experience.  Sugar Creek Bottling is the solution for your bottling or co-packing needs. 

Our Products

All of our products are made in Indiana, in small batches, to ensure quality and increase benefits they can offer to individuals across all demographics.  We use the best Colorado-sourced hemp oil in all of our products. 

All of our products are tested by a third-party lab so we can maintain our highest quality standards and allow consumers full access to the results.  These lab results are called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). The lab report includes product origins, ingredients and test results. You will also have a full cannabinoid and terpene analysis. 

Additionally, all of our CBD products have a unique QR code printed on the package that links you directly to the Certificate of Analysis (COA).  You always know exactly where your CBD comes from and what’s inside!

Our Partnerships: Farmers and Extractors

Sugar Creek Brands & Quick Fix CBD partners with only the best growers and extractors in the United States.  They meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards and are organic compliant. We believe in providing only the highest quality CBD products that are 100% plant-based, vegan and cruelty free!